How can you find help?


And how does this work?

Great Questions!  It is likely you have already begun the hard work of change simply in this act of looking for help. You will continue to find hope by exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which are all influenced by the stories you tell yourself. We will also work toward developing specific skills to help you cope with difficulties in a healthier way. You might find yourself being more proactive with your life, rather than reactive to the pain. My experience has been  that you find relief and see that we are working toward solutions very early on in the counseling process.


Who are you and why is life so hard?

We will explore that in conversations together -- who you are uniquely created to be and how you have or have not been nurtured along the way.  Sometimes in therapy as you experience change, we may invite family members in to better explore who it is you prefer to become and how they might help. Early childhood relationships have impacted your life and family dynamics. As your insights deepen and vision for how life might be better emerges, change happens!


Will we be a good fit?

The trust and alliance between you and I will not only be important, they will become key components of growth and change. I offer you a thirty minute free "meet and greet" -- you will know within this half hour together if this will work well for you or not. Call or email for available times. I count each of these introductions a  privilege.

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